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Isn’t it amazing how many incredible sports exist because of our miraculous planet?

The oceans give us surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, windsurfing, waterskiing, kite surfing and more.

The mountains give us skiing, climbing, hiking and sledding.

Practices like yoga and tai chi were born in the tranquility of the countryside.

What could be more delightful than mountain biking through a jungle, or walking and picnicking in the woods?

And yet while Mother Nature has given us so much, many of our sports equipment is made using plastics in things like fiberglass: from skis, to surfboards and boats. Plastic is the major cause of damage to our oceans and environment – harming and killing wildlife, and poisoning our waters.

Luckily for the eco-conscious sports enthusiast there are now sportswear clothing ranges available for men and women from companies committed to creating sports equipment made entirely of recycled plastic fibers like Repreve. And you can find them here at WasteStyle.

Scroll down for tips on sports clothing for men and women, as well as our favorite sporting accessories.

Women’s wear

Summer and winter wear – beach bikinis, mountain jackets, yoga leggings and sports bras have long been made with elastics. WasteStyle stocks fabulous brands that only use 100% recycled materials.

The word Yoga means unity – and applies to both inner and outer unity. It seems important then, that yoga clothes are made sustainably! Check out the range of funk leggings from Inspire Active Wear’s, Nube 9 and Sports Philosophy.

Image courtesy of Sports Philosophy

Totemmi sports bras are made with both your comfort and fit in mind, as well as the health of the planet. Finch has a range of swimwear for the whole family.


Image courtesy of Vissla

For swimwear made from recycled plastics check out these great ranges by Vissla. For warmer gear check out the jackets by Kathmandu and Norrona.

Sports equipment

Slowly but surely the industry is changing – and these skateboards made with 100% recycled marine plastics by Bureo are testament to that.

Image courtesy of Bureo
Yoga mats from Prana are made from non-Amazon harvested tree rubber for an excellent grip in any pose! For more info on the impact of deforestation and using reclaimed and sustainably sourced wood have a read of Timber! And for the surfers out there, we’ve found the likes of Spirare who make surfboards out of recycled waste.
Image courtesy of Spirare

And check out the blog post Waste Is The New Black to learn more about how plastics are recycled and reused, and the impact this has on the planet and communities.

All the brands we promote believe in creating sustainable businesses – so that we can all continue to enjoy the planet, and all the sporting opportunities on land and water for generations to come!

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