The Benefits of Reclaimed Wood Explained
Reclaimed wood is an Eco-friendly approach that, if used more often, could improve the dwindling natural resource of our planet’s tree population. Our forests, especially rainforests, are being decimated for wood, paper and the meat industry. Replantation is happening – but it isn’t keeping up. According to a 2015 report by Time magazine:

“The global tree count has fallen by 46% since the dawn of human civilization.”

And most of that happened in the last two hundred years alone… So we have created an urgent situation.

Where does Reclaimed wood come from?
From elite beginnings, reclaimed wood is now becoming mainstream and affordable. But where does reclaimed wood come from? Anywhere and everywhere!
• Storm damaged trees, or trees that have toppled over / fallen into rivers / died naturally.
• Razed structures like barns, public buildings, retired mills and factories – these buildings often contain large quantities of wood like oak, chestnut and pine.
• Railway sleepers, fences, wine barrels, beer casks and pickling containers.
• Old ships and shipping crates
• Flooring and Furniture
• Gymnasiums, stables, stadiums.
• Pallets
• Bowling alleys
• Amusement parks – the list goes on!

The Eco-Impact
Choosing to use reclaimed wood

• Saves energy
• Reduces fossil fuel use
• Reduces virgin timber harvesting
• Reduces damaging impact on wildlife, flora and fauna
• Trees are the planets “lung” they transform CO2 into O2. We need trees to breathe!
• Reclaimed wood is stronger than virgin wood – more durable
• Eliminates pollution caused from landfill burning

Designer benefits

Reclaimed wood brings a wealth of character to your home.

Imbued and embedded with history, dented, aged, perhaps with scars of wear and tear – each piece of timber has its story. Guests will inevitably marvel at these gorgeous and highly individual pieces. Not only do they add flavor and atmosphere to your home, they’re often really easy to treat and maintain, over virgin timber. Woods like cherry or oak will hold their unique appearance forever! Reclaimed wood is another major step toward using and reusing our planet’s natural resources.

So, have a browse on WasteStyle for fabulous furniture made with reclaimed wood!

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