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Eco-friendly baby clothes, toys and accessories

Images courtesy of Green Toys

As loving parents, our first thought when we wake up and our last concern as we go to sleep at night is the security, health, wellbeing and happiness of our children.The world of baby and childcare has been filled with plastic, often single use and toxic. One of the biggest expenses for any new parent is diapers – which cost on average around $4,000 over two years. Great for Moms and Dads, terrible for the planet, Diapers contribute around 2% of the total landfill in the USA. For ideas on how to go greener without the hassle of using cloths check out this super helpful eco parenting blog baby necessities, from diapers to milk bottles, sippy cups to car seats, toys to stair barriers and even baby clothes seem to have been made from plastics, non-recycled or non-recyclable material. Until now…

Yes! For eco-conscious parents, things are looking up!

Bringing up your baby the natural way is easier than ever before. We want to raise our children in a clean, toxic-free household, and hand over a cleaner planet to them – and this can start from the very the beginning, with babyhood. Parental care and caring for Mother Nature can go hand in hand – and we believe they should.

At WasteStyle we stock a range of baby products: from slings that use Repreve fibers to toys made out of recycled plastics, helping you keep your bundles of joy safe, and helping to save the planet at the same time.

We’re only as good as the company we keep and the companies we work with are committed to sustainability, waste reduction and social responsibility.

Image courtesy of TekhniWoven

Baby Slings from Tekni Wovens is an innovative company established in 2013 by baby wearing Mom and designer Alisa DeMarco that supports “baby wearing” parents, for day long cuddles in beautifully crafted fabrics using polyfibers from Repreve.

Eco-friendly Toys
Toys made of recycled plastics are both environmentally friendly and safe and they are now much easier to purchase. We’ve teamed up with several companies whose manufacturing standards are top quality and all their fabulous toys are not only great fun for kids but 100% recycled plastic, BPA* free and printed with non-toxic, organic inks and dyes. You’ll find (toy) trains, planes and automobiles, flower making kits and even eco-friendly skipping ropes here!

Image courtesy of Green Toys
Eco-friendly Baby and Childcare Accessories
Yes – even the most plastic heavy sector of child-care can be done using environmentally friendly products. Like child gate barriers for stairs, baby bottles, sippy cups and diapers.
Image courtesy of The Stair Barrier

All the products you’ll find on WasteStyle are made from recycled harmful waste such as plastics and reclaimed waste such as wood and glass. We hope this article has helped you with some environmentally friendly parenting tips. At WasteStyle we are dedicated to eco-parenting our children and the planet for future generations!

*Bisphenol-A (BPA), phthalates, nitrosamines, lead, PVC, PET, Tritan and biologically harmful chemicals.

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