WasteStyle’s Top 10 Tips for Creating
an Eco-Friendly Home

1. Buy furniture for the home and garden that’s made using recycled plastic, glass and reclaimed wood. This helps to reduce the ravages of deforestation and waste in our oceans and the wider environment. You’re also recycling waste, rather than generating more. Check out WasteStyle’s patio ware and beautiful furniture.

2. Choose fittings that are easy to maintain and have longevity and flexibility. This reduces waste and the need to use toxic cleaning products. For instance ECONYL StayClean nylon yarn is a stain-resistant sustainable yarn for carpets with a built in stain protection. This durability means that carpets can be cleaned using only water treatment and last forever.

3. Decorations for both indoor and outdoor use come in all shapes and surprising sizes – like Raven + Lily’s candles in jars made from recycled glass. From large set-pieces of furniture to nick nacks and smaller decorative items – everything in your home and garden can help reduce waste if you go down the “reclaim, recycle, reuse” route.

Image courtesy of Raven + Lily’s

4. Say no to using plastic straws, disposable razors, one-use plastic cups and cutlery, overly packaged food in supermarkets, diapers, etc.

5. Stop using plastic shopping bags – there are now a variety of recycled “bags for life” that are easily available literally everywhere.

6. Use durable thermos flasks and “Keep Cups” instead of throwaway single use plastic and paper cups for takeaway tea and coffee.

7. This probably goes without saying – but organize your garbage into organic waste, plastic, metal, glass, paper… and recycle. Once you’ve got your bins sorted, it’s easy sailing from there. Maybe organize a neighborhood litter-pick, or simply pick up litter and recycle it when you go for a walk. Every effort helps.

8. Conscious Clothing: your personal style can make a massive contribution to reducing plastic waste. How? Buy and donate clothing to charity shops, shop from fashion ranges that use recycled fibers like Repreve. At WasteStyle we have a huge array of women’s wear, menswear, kids clothing and sportswear to choose from.

9. Sports equipment – traditionally use a lot of plastic. These days you can make a better choice and shop WasteStyle to find eco-friendly sports wear and equipment .

10. Children’s Toys – another area where single use plastic and plastic waste has sky rocketed. But now? You can find plenty of eco-conscious companies that use recycled plastics, non-toxic and organic dyes.

Image courtesy of Green Toys

The stats speak for themselves: only 7% of plastic bottles actually got recycled in the U.S.A in 2017. By 2050 we will have more plastic in the ocean by weight than fish, if we continue polluting with plastic. This endangers not only the planet, but us humans too! Thanks to David Attenborough’s award winning series Blue Planet II – a must watch series – we know the urgency, and we know what we can do about it!

When in doubt remember the 3 Rs: Reclaim, Recycle, Reuse!

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