Spring Cleaning:
Out with the old and in with the…
Reclaimed & Recycled!

Image courtesy of Sundance

With spring and warm weather here at last, we’ve been thinking about home and garden décor at WasteStyle. At spring-cleaning time, it’s out with the old, and in with the new. But de-clutter and replenish the eco-friendly by going in with the old again! Well – reclaimed and recycled materials transformed into beautiful furniture and features for the home and garden. We’ve got a tantalizing selection of beautifully crafted designs to suit every budget – from the expensive, unique and designer to the quirky, eye-catching and affordable.

Why Buy Furniture Made from Recycled and Reclaimed Materials?

1) It looks awesome, it’s unique and it lasts a long, loooong time
2) You’re helping to save the planet
3) … What more do you want?!

The global focus on climate change and how we can all do our bit to rescue and regenerate the planet, by recycling her resources, has created a space for skilled artisans, carpenters and designers to showcase their talents.

Designers are increasingly under pressure to produce environmentally friendly buildings, fittings and furniture, from tables and chairs to carpets and lights. This means that creating a beautiful home and garden can be done in really eco-friendly ways – without having to sacrifice on style!

Unique furniture for your home, check out WasteStyle’s top picks:

Garden and Patio

Image courtesy of Vivaterra

Busting through the myth that reused plastic looks tacky and cheap, we’ve brought together the best of the best in eco-friendly garden & patio furniture and accessories.Recycled plastic furniture comes with many benefits: it looks great, it’s durable, it’s extremely low-maintenance, and you are contributing in a massive way to plastic waste reduction.

Enjoy a lazy, sunny, Sunday afternoon in this lovely outdoor lounge chair made with recycled rubber and teak from Vivaterra.

Image courtesy of Vivaterra

Sundance design and produce stylish and durable outdoor garden dining and quaint picnic style furniture. Founded by Robert Redford, Sundance has been leading the way for a while in the reclaimed and recycled design space.

Image courtesy of Sundance
Pottery Barn specializes in fabulous pot plant designs using reclaimed metals and woods.
For some really quirky and fun planters-come-wine holders take a look at France & Son’s fabulous Whale Planter and Cooler and Metal Barrel Deer Planter / Wine Cooler.
Image courtesy of France & Son’s

West Elm has a beautiful collection of durable outdoor accessories such as cushions, pillows and rugs.

Home Interiors
For characterful pieces of furniture, it’s hard to beat reclaimed wood – every plank has a story! Old oak, elm, ebony, walnut you name it, reclaimed wood tends to be longer lasting and stronger than virgin timber. Have a look at some of WasteStyle’s favorites:

Recycled Brooklyn has some really stand out pieces that are sure to be a talking point with envious guests.

Image courtesy of Recycled Brooklyn
Beautiful earthy pieces by Sierra Living Concept featuring stunning distressed woods.
Image courtesy of Sierra Living Concepts
High quality Antique looking furniture from Pottery Barn.
Image courtesy of Pottery Barn

Companies with a conscience are coming together in their droves to create sustainable ways for us to live well and for Planet Earth to thrive too. Many companies in the renewable and eco-friendly sector have tree-planting programs; ocean plastic cleansing schemes; employ locals in developing communities and contribute in countless other ways, so your investment in sustainable furniture helps the planet in more ways than one.

For more on the importance, impact and benefit of using reclaimed wood, and how it all works check out our blog post Timber!

Interested in the impact of recycling plastic waste? Check out the article Waste is the New Black.

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